The Leader Within: Behold Retreats Launches Exponential Leaders Retreat

A holistic plant medicine retreats to transcend the analytical mind for optimal performance.

Behold Retreats, specialists in bespoke entheogen plant medicine journeys, is inviting guests to travel with a purpose and expand their horizons in 2021. Set in the lush tropical jungles of Costa Rica, the Exponential Leaders Retreat is designed to help those in positions of leadership tap into their subconscious to find clarity of purpose, while developing a more authentic and intuitive leadership style.

Jonathan de Potter, Founder of Behold Retreats, said: “We are pleased to offer this Ayahuasca Retreat for those who are ready to look within and explore the self in order to reach a new level of self-actualization in the new year. To say 2020 has been challenging seems a trite understatement, but with the Exponential Leaders Retreat, we hope to encourage people to take charge of their wellbeing and performance for the year ahead.”

The Exponential Leaders Retreat will be held in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Papagayo. A tropical haven offering mesmerizing oceanfront views, it’s an idyllic setting for self-improvement and visualizing goals for the year ahead.

The Exponential Leaders Retreat is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, subject to pandemic travel restrictions.

Visit www.behold-retreats.com for more information about Behold Retreats’ services.

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