Ai-Ai de las Alas’ Serious Side

In the face of a career-high, Ai-Ai struggled as sole breadwinner and a single parent to her three children. Finally, she now feels complete and enjoying all aspects of her life – career, marriage, and motherhood.

Queen of Comedy and Comedy Concert Queen Ai-Ai de las Alas’s business is to make people happy, but what can make her truly blissful are her children, her husband she can share her life with and a happy home – a complete and simple family life.

She was given another crack at marriage with a younger husband, Gerald Sibayan, whom, she said came at the right time. “Deep inside I know I’m a good wife, a good mother and a good person.”

Aside from Gerald, her source of joys right now are her three children: Sancho Vito, Shaun Nicolo, and Sophia Andrea – her love children with former husband, singer Miguel Vera.

Her past experience of love has changed her a lot as a person. “Hindi na ako mapusok,” she admitted. “Noon kasi basta mahal ko hindi na ako nag-iisip.”

As a mom, she’s both strict and a spoiler. “Kasi ‘yong hindi ko naibibigay na oras, kung ano na lang ang gusto nilang hingin minsan ibinibigay ko na lang din,” she shared. “But I always remind them that we’re not rich. And if ever I can’t give them what they want, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. Ayaw ko lang na masanay sila sa pera.”

Throwback photo of Ai-Ai: Personal file

Being a celebrity she still disdains the lack of privacy that goes with her job. “Minsan depende sa approach kasi may mga taong salbahe talaga,” she said.

She admitted that she’s iyakin in real life. “Sometimes people have this notion that what you’re doing onscreen is the same thing what you’re doing in real life,” she explained. “I want them to know that I have also my own private life. Hindi lang nila alam na kaunting bagay lang iniiyakan ko na.”

She said she’s a good cook and also good at loving someone. “My talent is GIB (Good in Bed) and sometimes it’s VGIB (Very Good in Bed),” she said in jest.

Ai-Ai has been in the business for almost 21 years now and the sustainability she attributes to the kind of professionalism she gives to her craft. She handles stardom by keeping her feet on the ground.

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