Zsa-Zsa Padilla: On love, life, and marriage

Divine Diva Zsa-Zsa Padilla is our resource person this week on the ticklish topic of love and marriage. She has her own experiences to share. She had a failed marriage before but is still hopeful that one day she will be able to tie the knot. “I’m just waiting for the right time. It might come, it will come.”

Looking more gorgeous than ever, Zsa-Zsa admits she has become veteran-of-sorts when it comes to love and relationships. “For a relationship to grow, there must be passion, love and nurturing,” relates Zsa-Zsa. “Because of what I’ve experienced in the past (a failed marriage), I’ve learned to nurture more my present relationship. I’m happy with my present partner (fiancé architect Conrad Onglao).”

Zsa-Zsa with fiancé architect Conrad Onglao. Courtesy @zsazsapadilla IG

She said too much passion can also be dangerous in a relationship. There has to be balanced to achieve harmony. “With an overdose of passion you cannot distinguish anymore what’s right and what’s wrong,” she rationalizes. “You don’t have to follow your heart’s dictates all the time. I’ve been there. I’ve been hurt. And I’ve hurt some people in the process. It taught me a lot. Eventually, when the passion fades, you have to have something to hold on to, the love has to be stronger. In my case, my children are there. They keep me going.”

Zsa-Zsa is hoping that one day, she’ll be able to tie the knot with her present partner.  “I’m just waiting for the right time. It might come, it will come,” says Zsa-Zsa, now in her mid-50s.

She discloses that like everyone else there are days when she feels very depressed over nothing. “But I’ve realized that happiness is what you make it,” she says. “If I decide to be happy today, it’s my doing. As much as possible I don’t allow negative thoughts to put me down.”

She says her children are giving her much joy and contentment. The proud mom has three beautiful and talented daughters – Karylle, Nicole, and Zia. When at home, she can be so simple and plain, but when she’s in front of the spotlight performing, she can be totally glamorous. Since she’s not getting any younger, she tries to take care of her health even more. Her diet consists of tuna, beans (without pork), and soup.

Zsa-Zsa with lovely daughters Zia, Karylle, and Nicole. Courtesy Zsa-Zsa Padilla FB page

Zsa-Zsa feels grateful that she has made a name for herself in her chosen career. She’s happy about her place in the industry and the kind of respect and recognition she gets from her colleagues. She has proven to herself that she’s not just a singer but an actress as well. Now on her 37th year in the business (she started 1983), she feels that the longer she stays in showbiz the more she gets better.

“Diva 2 Diva” Valentine’s Day concert at the Manila Hotel. Courtesy Zsa-Zsa Padilla FB page

(Zsa-Zsa is one of the featured artists in the Valentine’s Day concert titled “Diva 2 Diva” along with Kuh Ledesma, Nanette Inventor and Mitch Valdes happening tonight at the Manila Hotel.)

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