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Ed Coronel’s “As It Is” Solo Exhibition Showcases Masterpieces Where Science Meets Art

Coronel was recently awarded 6th place by the American Art Awards 2019 World’s Best Landscape with Life Category for his painting Fruit Vendor 2 (Still Life with 725 fruits).

Gallery Nine presents the 4th One-Man Exhibition of Ed Coronel, called “As It Is.” The artist has gone through career changes—from being a physicist at the National Institute of Physics at U.P. Diliman to an information technology specialist, and now, in his midlife, a hyperrealism oil painter.

Fruit Vendor 2 (Still Life with 725 fruits), the award-winning masterpiece adjudged 6th place by the American Art Awards 2019 Best Landscape with Life Category.

Coronel, a self-taught visual artist since childhood, started his professional career in the arts in 2006 at Gallery Nine. His first one-man exhibition featured figurative abstractions, a genre shared by local social realists that were most accessible to interpret and portray his ideas on social issues. As Coronel exhibited more, his abstractions dissipated and were replaced by more deliberate forms: classical lines and perspectives of realism in oil.

 His shift to hyperrealism is a logical progression influenced by his training in physics, which inquires about nature at its most basic levels—light, motion, energy, and dimension—in other words, AS IT IS. He applies this method to painting, where the technical demands of the genre pushed him to create works that meet both realism seen by a scientist and works shaped by the eye of an artist. The results are vibrant, meticulous pieces where no details are spared. All of his five oil paintings, each measuring 3 ft x 3 ft, are maiden masterpieces where science meets art.

Each painting was a challenging endeavor, having taken at least four months to complete and at least five layers of oil paint. Coronel stands on quality over quantity, explaining: “Reality, AS IT IS, is just a snapshot of nature, a segment from that arrow of time and energy. It cannot be short-changed and I want my work to show my commitment.”

His Fruit Vendor 1 and 2 paintings feature a still life of 1066 and 725 fruits respectively, not including the other intricate figures that complete the compositions. Artists through the ages have persisted to recast their own iterations on traditional topics. As a physicist, Coronel sees his work as a validation of physical phenomena: like weaving its equations, passing it through a fabric of rigorous methods and geometries, and reaffirming the laws of nature unto itself through his painting of our visual reality.

Thom Bierdz, president of the esteemed American Art Awards, has reviewed Ed Coronel’s work and commented, “You do magnificent work” (July 30, 2019). Coronel was recently awarded 6th place by the American Art Awards 2019 Best Landscape with Life Category for his painting Fruit Vendor 2 (Still Life with 725 fruits) where 63 countries competed and 25 best galleries and museums in America judged the competition.


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