Tsuchiya Kaban is now open at K11 Art Mall

With refined quality, the Japanese handcrafted leather brand launched a limited quantity backpack, Otona Randsel, in celebration of the new store.

(Hong Kong, 8 January 2020) – Japanese handcrafted leather brand, Tsuchiya Kaban is well-known for its high quality and durability and has cultivated a loyal following in Hong Kong since 2014. In order to offer their exquisite products to a wider range of consumers, Tsuchiya Kaban has officially opened a new store in K11 Art Mall, a retail destination that shares a similar philosophy with the brand – a focus on seamless integration of people, arts and natural elements. To celebrate the grand opening of the K11 Art Mall store, Tsuchiya Kaban is introducing a versatile backpack, the Otona Randsel, available exclusively at the new store for a limited time.

Tsuchiya Kaban is now officially open at K11 Art Mall.

Established in Japan in 1965, Tsuchiya Kaban started with crafting handmade schoolbags for primary students. Over the past 50 years, Tsuchiya Kaban has maintained its spirit for Japanese design and craftsmanship to develop a wide variety of leather products. Featuring the careful handiwork of its craftsmen, each Tsuchiya Kaban bag is handmade with meticulous care while ensuring the design is both practical and beautiful, resulting in a strong and durable leather product.

Tsuchiya Kaban strives to provide customers relaxing shopping experience with a unique and tranquil store design. Following the brand’s concept and philosophy, the new K11 Art Mall store is modeled after the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark’s natural volcanic rocks. A perfect blend of nature and art, the design is an ideal combination of Tsuchiya Kaban’s minimalism and Hong Kong’s natural landscape.


The Otona Randsel backpack is available in two leather and color options to
meet the needs of every customer.

Adhering to the brand’s philosophy of people integration, Tsuchiya Kaban holds a number of on-site leather crafting demonstrations every year in Japan. The brand also organizes handmade leather workshops that are widely popular with consumers. Tsuchiya Kaban hopes to bring similar experiential events to Hong Kong in the future to share professional leather making knowledge while providing a fun and creative experience for local consumers.

The Exclusive Otona Randsel Backpack

To celebrate the opening of the new store in Hong Kong, Tsuchiya Kaban introduces the Otona Randsel backpack that has gained popularity in Japan. The design of the Otona Randsel backpack follows the brand’s minimalistic aesthetic and is a modern adaptation that is reminiscent of the company’s 50-year experience in schoolbag production. It combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, resulting in a stylish yet classic bag. The Otona Randsel backpack is available in two leathers: A Nume leather version, suitable for any occasion, and an Italian leather counterpart. Both styles are available in black or brown.

The design of the Otona Randsel backpack is the ideal minimalist option for those looking for a practical bag.

In terms of function, Otona Randsel backpack is equipped with wide pockets and safety zipper pulls to keep documents and belongings neatly organized through a practical, yet fashionable design. The bag strap is adjustable and the padded back provides waist support for the user. Customers can appreciate the thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship in every detail. The Otona Randsel backpack is currently available at the new K11 Art Mall store for HKD$11,370. Shoppers who purchase the Otona Randsel backpack during the store opening period can also receive a limited- edition leather cardholder while stocks last.

Tsuchiya Kaban Hong Kong K11 Art Mall New Store: Address: Unit 202, 2/F, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm. Website:

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