Judith Barran: Forever a ‘Faaabvlous’ Woman

“Elegance is the only beauty that will never fade.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Being fabulous is when a woman is in harmony with herself, who creates her own, unique style and never losses the fact that she’s her own person – strong, confident, has a good spirit on the inside, thinking, and hardworking individual.

Judith Barran, a Filipina and businesswoman, exemplifies all these. As she faces her day-to-day work as the part-owner and marketing director for her beauty and wellness brand Essence of Cleopatra Aromatherapy, she never fails to take care of herself and maintains a fashion style that is classic and elegant. She’s easy to dress up due to her svelte figure and conducts herself with flair and elan. She always dresses well on every occasion that I have had seen her attending a couple of times this year. Definitely, she knows how to carry herself during various occasions she attended to.

Judith with internationally acclaimed and gifted portrait photographer Rupert Jacinto (middle) and the rest of the awardees.

Recently, Judith was chosen as one of internationally acclaimed and gifted portrait photographer Rupert Jacinto’s “Faaabvlous 10,” where Faaabvlous A-listers made a Hollywood–like entrance at his exhibit and FAB gala held last November at the Marriott Grand Ballroom of Marriott Manila under the theme “Haute Couture in Black, White, and Gold.” Jacinto’s gala has reached its 10th year and has become the event FAB guests would not want to miss every year.

All “Faaabvlous 10” participants exhibited glamour, stunning gowns and couture, accessories, and pride in their expression of style.

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