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“Bullet” Dematera’s eye-catching works

His one-man exhibit entitled “Menagerie,” showcased Bullet’s artistic bravado and derring-do, a continual signature in his roster of eye-catching works.

For hyper-realist painter Ronald “Bullet” Dematera, his struggles and hardships in life were among his best teachers that helped him create his most stunning paintings.

Defects in his physical appearance (he grew up with a cleft palate), lack of formal education and training in the arts, and financial difficulties that forced him to work at a young age notwithstanding, Bullet still stood tall and gained the respect of people not just in the Philippines but also abroad who appreciate beautiful art works.

This explains why “Bullet,” as he is known in the art world, continues to be a favorite featured artist and is constantly invited to perform exceptional exhibits in art galleries in the Philippines and even in other countries.

“The artworks that I presented for this exhibit,” he said “are actually related to my last exhibit at Manila Art but I will try to make improvements by adding new elements. The approach will remain minimal but still eye catching.”

And just like his other works in Bullet’s burgeoning portfolio of art works, his love for nature and deep appreciation of God’s multitude of creation will continue to be his never-ending source of inspiration in painting his subjects.

He likewise thanked his brother, who also knew how to draw, for introducing him to the world of painting, and for the God-given opportunity to work as studio assistant for renowned artist Rolando Ventura and as apprentice to Rolando’s brother Ronaldo.

“Having the chance to work with these brilliant artists was a crucial turning point in my artistic life, where I was taught the rudiments of painting through various mediums. I will be eternally grateful,” he said.

Indeed, experience was—and continues to be—Bullet’s greatest teacher.

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